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Chopard Watches On Sale

Founded in 1860, Swiss watchmaker Chopard has been crafting masterful timepieces for over 150 years. Starting from humble beginnings, Chopard was primarily known for well-designed ladies’ wristwatches and pocket watches in its early years. After being sold in 1963 to German goldsmith and watchmaker, Karl Scheufele, the company began to reinvent itself during the latter half of the twentieth century. Under Scheufele’s leadership, Chopard began to establish its current reputation as a premier manufacturer in the luxury watch market.

Happy Sport

Leading in innovation, Chopard became the first watchmaker to combine diamond enhanced watch faces and stainless steel bands within their timepieces in 1993. Diamonds, considered the finest of precious stones, were an unexpected pairing with the comparatively modest stainless steel. However, the combination, which is the signature of the Happy Sport line, has become a classic style that has spurred endless imitations.

Today, Chopard’s Happy Sport watches have expanded to also feature luxurious diamond faces with gold, leather and rubber bands. The line offers a number of attractive timepieces for both men and women.

Find an excellent variety of Chopard watches on sale at Watch Warehouse – these handsome wristwatches are available with round, oval and square bezels. Additionally, we offer chronograph, Roman numeral and index display options.

Mille Miglia

Since 1988, Chopard has been the official timekeeper and sponsor of the world famous Mille Miglia regularity race for vintage and classic cars. In tribute to Mille Miglia, Chopard crafted a collection of exquisite sports watches that has become the insignia of the watchmaker’s rich sporting legacy.

Chopard’s Mille Miglia line has two sub-collections, both of which were designed to give homage to the cars that qualified for the Mille Miglia race. The first of these sub-collections is the Mille Miglia Classic, which is comprised of timepieces inspired by older cars manufactured between 1927 and 1940. Chopard watches on sale from the Mille Miglia Classic line have a vintage appearance that is characteristic of the cars from which they were modeled.

The second sub-collection, Mille Miglia Grand Turismo Sport (GTS), was fashioned after newer cars. As such, this collection has a more modern style, but remains committed to Chopard’s tradition of high quality and craftsmanship as demonstrated by its Power Control and Automatic models. Chopard watches on sale from within the Mille Miglia GTS line come equipped with Chopard movements developed at its own Fleurier Ebauches Workshops.

Two O Ten

Chopard’s Two O Ten watches were created to please the most discerning of watch enthusiasts. Both modern and sophisticated, the Two O Ten meets the highest standards in quality and design. Two O Ten watches are extremely versatile and can be confidently worn in an array of settings. Featuring numerous style options, including various choices of bezels, bands and dials, these striking Chopard watches on sale are able to meet the needs of all watch connoisseurs.

Chopard Distributor

Watch Warehouse is proud to be a Chopard watch distributor. Chopard represents the quality, luxury and craftsmanship that we associate with our business.

All of our Chopard watches on sale are guaranteed to be brand-new and authentic with box and manual. As we stand by the products that we sell, most of our timepieces come with a 2-year warranty option. You can always feel 100% confident when purchasing from us, so shop our magnificent Chopard offerings today.