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Luxury watches make great gifts for those interested in fine dressing, but they’re not for everyone. Perhaps you’re looking for a gift for someone whose energies are always focused on working and productivity. Perhaps you’re shopping for a gifted writer or dedicated businessperson. When this is the case, pens are a thoughtful luxury gift to give. A fine writing instrument serves many purposes, acting as a fashion accessory, productivity aid, or desk decoration.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or as a gift for someone else, discover luxury pens for sale here that will inspire work, productivity, and a love for the art of writing. Use the filters on the left to shop by pen category to find the one that suits your writing needs.

Ballpoint Pens

Ballpoint pens are a low-maintenance type of pen that will smoothly get you through business meetings, tax forms, journaling, and other routine writing. Simple and easy to use, these pens are often cheaper than their fountain pen counterparts, though their outer appearance can be just as elegant and classy. Every distinguished business person needs a signature pen. If you’d like to keep it simple, then choose a ballpoint pen from our many Montblanc products. If you’re shopping our luxury pens for sale as a gift, then consider a ballpoint pen/cardholder set that represents two gifts in one.

Fineliner Pens

Fineliner pens have a fine tip that make them perfect for drawing and sketching, though many writers also prefer the fibrous, thin tip to the ballpoint pen tip. Like ballpoint pens, fineliner pens are slightly less decorative but are a great choice for practical use. Many fine Montblanc pens are available in our selection. Explore the pleasure of writing smoothly with an easy fineliner pen.

Fountain Pens

Among our luxury pens for sale, our fountain pens are the most traditional and elegant style of pen. Luxuriously engineered and designed for signatures and elegant writing, fountain pens are the most artistic, oldest style of pen. Consider introducing a fountain pen to your pen collection, if you haven’t already, to get a satisfying, flowing writing experience you won’t get any way else. We carry Lamy pens, which are a great starter fountain pen, as well as collectible Montblanc pens that are truly the epitome of fountain pen craftsmanship.

Rollerball Pens

Writers who enjoy a smoother, more liquid writing feel will love our rollerball pens, which are similar to our ballpoint pens but contain liquid or gel ink. Buy luxury rollerball pens for sale from respected brands Montblanc and Lamy.

Shop Fine Writing Instruments

Watch Warehouse is dedicated to bringing you fine pens at reduced prices so that you can enjoy luxury pens within your budget. Each pen is new, genuine, and comes with a serial and/or case number. And by buying from respected brands such as Montblanc and Lamy, you can use your pen confidently knowing that ink refills will always be available for purchase from their stores. Make a smart investment or well-informed gift choice when the luxury pens for sale here.