Lamy Pens

More than a simple writing instrument, Lamy pens are a lifestyle choice. Made in Germany, these designer pens combine premium molded resin with sturdy metals and specialized nibs for a long-lasting fine writing pen that communicates a love of quality and style.

Lamy Pens: A Pioneering, Family-Owned Brand

The Lamy fountain pen brand was founded by Josef Lamy in 1930 and is recognized worldwide as one of the leading producers of fine pens. The brand has distinguished itself as a pioneer in molded synthetic plastics and currently offers a wide range of distinctive fountain pens and mechanical pencils to customers around the globe.

Match Your Favorite Pen to the Nib of Your Choice

When you enter the world of Lamy pens, the choice of nib can be overwhelming. To help the customer find their ideal nib while still enjoying their preferred pen design, the company has designed each Lamy fountain pen (except for the Lamy 2000) to be able to fit any Lamy nib.

You will also notice that our Lamy pens come with a pre-installed ink color. This color can easily be changed once you are ready to refill your writing instrument. With this kind of flexibility for personalization, you can shop the Lamy collection with absolute confidence.

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A luxury pen—like a luxury men's or women’s watch—is a fashion statement as much as it is a premium-quality accessory. Show off your impeccable taste in writing instruments by purchasing a Lamy pen for yourself, or consider giving one as a gift to someone close to you. These pens, as well as our affordable luxury accessories and high-end jewelry, make excellent gifts for pen collectors, writers, and the other special people in your life.

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