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In addition to our luxury watches, Watch Warehouse also carries a selection of reduced-price luxury brand jewelry for both men and women. Choose from necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and money clips from designer jewelry brands such as Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, and Montblanc. Give your outfit the designer bling it needs without breaking the bank by shopping from Watch Warehouse.

Authentic Designer Jewelry At Discounted Prices

The brands we stock here represent some of the leading labels in designer fashion. These pieces are not only exquisite pieces of jewelry but also coveted status and style icons. Top off your outfit with character by boasting a statement D&G or Gucci logo on a chain around your neck or on earrings. Trends come and go, but these luxury jewelry brands are always in style.

Purchasing luxury jewelry at our discounted prices is a great way to add them to your collection. Our pieces are all authentic and sold in their boxes, so you can shop knowing that you’re getting completely genuine items at the best deals possible.

Classic Styles, Timeless Charm

Established designer jewelry brands employ a mix of traditional and trendy styles, both of which you’ll find amongst the items we carry. Enjoy the sleek, classic elegance of a Gucci money clip, earrings or pendant in sterling silver 925, a versatile metal that goes with anything and doesn’t draw too much attention to itself. Also, explore Gucci’s innovative use of exciting new materials such as bamboo and leather. Conversely, go back to fun-loving basics with D&G’s enamel charm bracelets.

These luxury jewelry brands are the modern authority on high-end jewelry. Their pieces will remain in style even as jewelry trends change.

Find That Extra Something For Your Outfit

Accessories are an essential part of a well-coordinated outfit. Each piece that we stock, no matter how small in size, is just brimming with character and style. Even the minuscule pendants and stud earrings feature artistic engravings, all of which will add sophistication and complexity to your look. When it comes to luxury brand jewelry, every piece is a statement piece. These are the versatile items you need in your collection.

Shop Luxury Jewelry Brands Now

Every jewelry enthusiast should experience the difference that a piece of designer brand jewelry makes. With our discounted prices, it’s easy for you to add a timeless piece of designer jewelry to your collection. Discover your favorite shapes, engravings, and materials from amongst our selection. These pieces also make thoughtful gifts, as each one has its unique style and character. You’ll make someone very happy with a gift like this! As a bonus, every item you see here is currently in stock. We can ship your purchase to you in a matter of days – great for last-minute gifting.

Have any questions about the authenticity of our products or how our company works? Call us at (213) 622-8200 with any questions you might have.