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DKNY watches

DKNY Watches

Very few watch manufacturers focus on women’s timepieces. Donna Karan New York, founded by a woman and with women’s lifestyles in mind, makes up for this deficit with an expansive offering of reliable but feminine watches in varied styles.

Donna Karan’s fashion goal was to create fashion for women whose lives would take them from informal to formal settings and back within a matter of hours. The DKNY watches we have on sale are all sleek and versatile pieces ready for the day, night, and everything in between.

A New York State of Mind

Since 1989, Donna Karan’s fashion line has incorporated New York into its name. She touted that her clothing was meant to build dynamic wardrobes for women who spent their days in the bustle of big-city life. She knew that women dealt with a fragile everyday balancing act.

This meant that women’s timepieces, unlike men’s, needed to balance functionality with elegance. While all DKNY watches are different, all of them are ready for the New York woman and any other woman who lives a big-city lifestyle.

Many Ways to be Feminine

The DKNY watches on sale here are evidence that DKNY is unafraid to experiment with all variables. They do so with watch faces - DKNY is one of the few watch manufacturers to offer both vertical and horizontal rectangular watch faces along with traditional round ones. They also push the boundaries of bracelet width – some DKNY watches are so narrow they could be lost on an armful of bangles. Along with the traditional colors of gold and silver, the company creates watches of white, rose gold, tortoiseshell and even fuschia.

Minimalist Watch Faces

As a brand, DKNY embraces a sleek, minimalist style. Most DKNY watch dials do not show numbers or even hour markers, and all DKNY watch hands are simple and sleek. The minimalist design brings out the crystals inset in the bezels and dials of these watches. The DKNY watches on sale here are fashionable but never gaudy.

Reliable Quartz Movements

DKNY watches are created with stainless steel and quartz movements, which provide for reliable and durable usage. Though delicate-looking, these watches are built to withstand long-term wear for the busy modern woman.

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