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Swiss watch manufacturer Hublot, named after the French word for “porthole”, was founded in 1980. Within less than forty years, Hublot has built an impeccable reputation within the watchmaking industry for its skilled craftsmanship, excellent quality and attractive design. Responsible for debuting the first watch to utilize a natural rubber strap as its band in 1980, Hublot has been a trendsetter within the timekeeping world from the very beginning. Hublot’s rubber strap became an icon of the company, and spurred many imitators attempting to replicate its success.

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Big Bang

Hublot first revealed its Big Bang collection to the world in 2005. An instant game-changer, this eye-catching timepiece is often thought to be the originator of the “big watch” trend that gained traction in the early 2000s.

The case of the Big Bang is highly complex – intertwining modern and classic materials and techniques, this line highlights Hublot’s “art of fusion” philosophy, which blends past trends with future concepts, as well as established tradition with new innovation. Hublot’s Big Bang proved to the world that watches comprised of steel, ceramic and rubber could be elegant, durable and chic.

The mechanisms within the Big Bang line are just as impressive as its edgy style. Hublot’s original Big Bang watches featured powerful modified Valjoux 7750 movements. The more recent Big Bang additions have been crafted with the extraordinary Calibre 4100, which is a high-grade ETA with a chronograph module at the top.

Classic Fusion

Hublot’s Classic Fusion line, which arrived on the scene in 1980, remains one of Hublot’s most popular collections. The subtle and sophisticated Fusion continues to draw upon its original source material from nearly forty years ago in its latest models.

The original Fusion featured Hublot’s signature rubber band and a round case with its bezel secured by visible screws. Mixing modern and classic materials, as Hublot has perfected, today’s Fusion incorporates ceramic, titanium, gold and steel to create striking timepieces that are laden with tradition, yet are also unconventional.

Despite its impressive style, the ground-breaking Fusion doesn’t sacrifice mechanics for good looks. Inside the majestic timepiece, the Fusion line boasts supercharged HUB1112, self-winding movements. Hublot’s Classic Fusion watches also possess an enviable 42-hour power reserve. Watch aficionados can buy Hublot watches from Watch Warehouse to enjoy the iconic Fusion.

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