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Piaget watches

Piaget Watches

Illustrious Swiss jeweler and watchmaker Piaget SA was founded in 1874. During the twentieth century, the Piaget company began to craft its own line of high-end watches. However, Piaget was originally founded as a highly-engineered watch parts manufacturer. Stemming from its origins as the atelier for watch parts connoisseurs, Piaget is best known for crafting specialized watch components – most specifically, their sleek and ultra-thin watch hand movements, as displayed in the Piaget Dancer Watch.

World-Record Breaking Innovation

In 1957, Piaget introduced the 9P – a two-millimeter, hand-wound mechanical watch movement, which was the first of its kind. After introducing ultra-thin manual watch movements to the world, Piaget continued its legacy by creating a record-breaking, ultra-thin automatic watch movement in 1960. That year, Piaget’s Calibre 12P set the Guinness Book of Records for the thinnest automatic movement in the world with a thickness of 2.3 millimeters.

Piaget’s Flying Tourbillon

Piaget further expanded its skillful innovations to include the creation of ultra-thin mechanical tourbillon movements. Perfected over the course of three years, Piaget’s tourbillon development efforts gave birth to the Calibre 600P in 2002.

The 600P premiered as the thinnest tourbillon in the world with a thickness of 3.5 millimeters. The frame of the Calibre 600P is highly complex. It is composed of 42 diminutive parts, including three titanium bridges, yet remains as light as a feather with a weight of only .2 grams. Piaget’s flying tourbillon is mounted on only one axis with a signature “P” at the pinnacle, adding even greater complexity and detail to this fine apparatus.

In addition to its masterful mechanics, Piaget also amazes with its tasteful design touches. The Calibre 600P is partitioned into 60 segments corresponding to each second with a decorative motif fashioned in the shape of a sunburst. The original model of this beautiful watch was composed of 18 karat gold and set with precious diamonds.


Piaget furthermore developed the 430P, 450P and 438P movements – each possessing a remarkable thickness of only 2.1 millimeters. These advancements have been utilized in Piaget’s Altiplano and Dancer lines, with the Altiplano’s crown jewel being the Altiplano 900P released in 2014. The 900P is the world’s thinnest hand-wound mechanical watch with a thickness of 3.65 millimeters.

Piaget Dancer Watch

Piaget’s Dancer collection embodies the watchmaker’s skilled mechanical craftsmanship, as well as its penchant for creating beautiful timepieces. The Dancer line features the masterfully thin 430P movement in conjunction with lovely and artistic design.

The gold Piaget Dancer watch possesses a perfectly round bezel wrapped with eye-catching double gadroons and its attractive bracelet is enhanced by dumbbell shaped links. The Dancer’s dial displays a halo of single and double indexes and is covered by luxurious sapphire crystal glass.

Watch Warehouse Guarantee

Watch Warehouse is pleased to offer the exceptional Piaget Dancer watch. We guarantee that your purchase will be brand-new and authentic with box and manual. Feel secure purchasing from Watch Warehouse knowing that your Piaget Dancer watch comes with our 2-year warranty, including a satisfaction guarantee.