Getting Inky: Choosing the Best Luxury Pen for You

Posted by Watch Warehouse Experts on Apr 22, 2021

Getting Inky: Choosing the Best Luxury Pen for You

Luxury gold pen

In a world where smartphones, tablets, and e-readers have become the digital devices of choice for everyday interactions, it can be surprising to learn that pens are still widely used. And not just your average home pen — hand-crafted luxury pens. In fact, their popularity is on the rise. But for many people, choosing the best luxury pen isn’t easy due to the array of choices.

Whether you want a luxury pen that suits your business or personal needs, the quality and craftsmanship of a fine writing instrument go a long way. But there’s more to that. How do you choose a high-end pen? Here are some expert insights:

Pick a Writing Style That Suits You Best

Before you start searching for the best executive or luxury pen, first ask yourself what type of pen you want. Do you want a fountain pen, ballpoint pen, or a rollerball pen? Once you’ve decided on that, ask yourself how you’re going to use the best luxury pen you buy.

  • Fountain Pens - They feature a cartridge or container that holds ink that flows through a nib. They use liquid-based ink, write incredibly smooth, and offer a fancy experience. Fountain pens are great for making an impression and are perfect for the elegant and classic gentleman.
  • Ballpoint Pens - You probably have this common type of pen on your desk. A small ball at the tip releases oil-based ink that writes well. They’re ideal for anyone constantly writing all day or on the go as they offer a hassle-free writing experience.
  • Fineliner/Rollerball Pens - These are ballpoint pens with liquid-based ink. They offer the smoothness of a fountain pen and the easy writing mechanism of a ballpoint pen. These are perfect for writers and those who are frequently signing documents.

Decide on the Pen Materials

The best luxury pens are made of high-end materials like precious woods, celluloid, ebonite hard rubber, and special metals and stones like gold, sterling silver, titanium, Peridot stone, black onyx stone, and marble. Check the materials used for the barrel and cap. The material used often defines the quality and appeal of the build. Choose a material that stands out.

Check the Trim and Finish

While a pen made of precious wood or other sleek material is elegant in itself, the finishing and trim are what make it unique. Check the body finishes, trim designs, engravings, metal trims, hand-applied color resins used, special lacquers, and layered finishing touches on the pens. Additionally, the best luxury pen should also be comfortable in hand and be eye-catching.

Review the Editions Available

One thing that makes the best executive pens stand out is the type of editions offered. If you’re looking for something extra special, you’ll want to look for special or limited editions. Many brands, like Montblanc and Chopard pens, have special editions that become highly-prized collector’s items. You can also opt for personalized luxury pens with engraving.

Compare Value and Pricing

Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind pen with high-end value or something special for your everyday use? Value matters when it comes to buying the best luxury pens, and so does the pricing. The higher the value, the more expensive it will be. Luxury pens cost anywhere from $100 to 1000’s of dollars. Materials, craftsmanship, design, and edition will all influence pricing.

Writing Quality Matters

luxury fountain pen

You may spend thousands on a luxury pen, but how well does it write? What’s the quality of writing on actual paper? This is especially vital for fountain pens. Many factors come into play, like the nib used, writing pressure, ink flow adjustments, and angle of use. Read reviews from other buyers and choose pens with numerous positive ratings and reviews.

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