Jan 1, 2019

How to Wear a Watch with Style: 6 Tips on Styling Your Men’s Watch

The style-conscious gentleman knows the power of the simplest and most subtle of accessories. From a well-placed pocket square to a pristine, sleek belt, the small touches that contribute to your personal style are what makes it unique and complete. Similarly, there are so many elegant watch styles for men with specific purposes and occasions in mind. It’s important to know where and how to wear your watch collection and how to style it so it enhances and doesn’t detract from your overall look.

Man in Suit Holds Pair of Luxury Sunglasses

Here are some of our top tips for styling your men’s watch seamlessly every time.

When in Doubt, Opt for Analog

Analog Luxury Panerai Watch with Leather Wristband

There are frequent occasions in a man’s life that can’t be classified as strictly formal or casual, and for those we recommend always choosing an analog watch.  Analogs, versus their digital counterparts, have a more classic watch face with stationary number markers and mobile minute and hour hands. When you’re unsure about how to wear a watch for the occasion, a contemporary analog style, like this Panerai model, is an excellent option.

Some of the most popular men’s analog watch styles have elements of classic design paired with unmistakable modern touches. A man’s watch should be both elegant and resistant, authentic, and timeless.

These qualities allow these watch styles for men to complement your ensemble, whether you’re dressing for a business meeting, a special occasion, or everyday.

Complement Your Other Accessories

Luxury Panerai Watch with Black Watch Face

Thinking about your entire wardrobe and piecing together just the right combination of accoutrements is the secret of the sharpest dressers. Similarly, your accessory choices should complement not only the garments you choose, but each other. From belts to pocket squares, shoes to socks, ties to cufflinks, it’s like putting together a puzzle.

When you’re considering how to wear a watch with the rest of your look, remember a few guidelines:

  • Leather, gold, and silver watch bands are more formal; plastic or rubber are for casual or sporting environments.
  • Keep your metals consistent: if you wear a silver ring or other jewelry, choose a complementary silver watch band.
  • Mind your blacks, browns, and blues: never pair brown leather watch bands with a black pair of shoes or vice versa; navy blue and black are an absolute faux pas.

Dressing Up? Think Minimal

Luxury Montblanc Watch with Blue Watchface

Occasions that call for gentleman’s formal dress wear require special consideration when it comes to watch styles for men. Think elegance and luxury when you ponder how to wear a watch with your black or white tie attire or most  formal business wear.

Even though formal events often require more thought and effort, your watch should be kept simple and classic. Look for men’s watches online that offer sleek designs with minimalistic details on the watch face like this  Panerai Luminor 1950 watch. Watches with elements like alligator leather straps, stainless steel parts, and Arabic numerals add an overall refined look.

Other qualities to consider are the thickness of your watch’s case — thinner models will allow the piece to slip in and out of your cuff seamlessly and have a more elegant appeal.

You can enjoy the freedom to express your personality and individual style with your formal watch choice, but our number one rule for how to wear a dress watch well is to focus on simplicity.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Silver Luxury Sports Watch

Let’s take a 180-degree turn away from formality and instead focus on a more practical and less stringent area of watch wearing. Sports watches have the ability to look and feel stylish, while still delivering on practicality and usefulness if you love to stay active.

There are many  sport watch styles for men that cater to gentlemen who enjoy racing, flying, diving, and other adrenaline-inducing hobbies. We encourage you to maintain your signature sense of style and elegance when you accessorize and consider how to wear a watch in the outdoors, opting for high-performance timepieces that deliver big on making a fashionable statement.

Luxury brands are embracing the sport watch market, and offering signature Swiss-made styles with features like deep water resistance, long-lasting power reserves, anti-reflective treatments and more. Investing in a stunning stainless steel watch offers more elegance than its more traditional plastic, nylon, or rubber counterpart making it an accessory that can be worn more than just on your sailboat.

Honor Timeless Style with an Heirloom Timepiece

Luxury Cartier Watch with Leather Band

If you are seeking a watch that can be both a conversation starter and statement piece that will never go out of style, consider investing in an heirloom-quality piece. The ultimate in prestige, only the most seasoned horology enthusiasts know how to wear a watch that was designed to grace the wrists of multiple generations. With exceptional mechanical movements and craftsmanship that’s second-to-none, these are the prime examples of singular watch styles for men.

When you think of heirloom watches, think of timelessness and accuracy. These pieces are meant to be styled with your most classic attire. There are no specific style rules to follow, except to ensure your heirloom watch is on display and the centerpiece of your ensemble.

Strengthen Your Casual Regalia

Black Luxury Luminor Watch

One of the fashion pitfalls that many men fall victim to is assembling outfits that fall into the casual category, but lose their stylish sensibility. Incorporating the right trending watches into your everyday wardrobe means you should know how to wear a watch effectively.

Consider events like a first date or a business retreat that calls for you to look put together, but still casual. Narrow your search for a classy watch by searching the chronograph, field, and pilot categories. These types of men’s watches online offer features that are high in accuracy and can offer exceptional style, without looking overly formal or too casual.

Some of the most impressive casual watch styles for men are simplistic in design, but offer more usability than your average accessory; from stopwatch features to larger watch face designs. Pair these watches with anything from colorful polo shirts to loose-fitting button-downs, sleek khakis or dress sneakers. A casual but elegant watch can instantly up the fashionable look of your typical golf attire or make you best dressed at a backyard barbecue.

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