Posted by Watch Warehouse Experts on Aug 6, 2020

Sun’s Out, Shades Out: 7 Trendy Sunglass Styles for Men

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Shopping for trendy sunglasses for men can be overwhelming. There are so many options out there, and it’s not always easy to find a pair that delivers both style and quality. That’s where we come in. We only carry the finest luxury men’s sunglasses, carefully curated for your convenience.

Sunglasses are a crucial summer accessory, so it’s worth spending some time selecting a pair that you’ll genuinely want to wear. The best shades for men don’t just look amazing; they should also protect you from the sun so you can stay comfortable whether you’re relaxing in the backyard or commuting to work.

These trendy sunglasses for men are all worthy of becoming your new daily go-to’s. Be sure to browse all of our men’s sunglasses so you can find the perfect pair.

1. Ray-Ban Wayfarer

Ray-Ban Wayfarer trendy sunglasses for men.Few sunglasses are as instantly recognizable as Ray-Ban Wayfarers. These iconic shades are often imitated, but it’s absolutely worth investing in the real deal. What you get is 100% worth the cost of admission, so don’t settle for cheap copies.

Since their initial release in 1952, Wayfarers have been the must-have sunglasses among stylish people from all walks of life, from musicians and movie stars to artists and models. Of course, the simple, understated design is extremely versatile, so you don’t need to walk the red carpet to appreciate these trendy sunglasses for men.

The great thing about Wayfarers is that there are so many options. From sleek black frames to floral designs with polarized lenses, Ray-Ban has done a fantastic job making sure everyone can find a pair that feels just right.

2. Cartier Pilot

Cartier is synonymous with luxury and class. If you really want to go all out and invest in a pair of shades that you’ll treasure for a lifetime, you can’t go wrong with Cartier sunglasses. The Pilot is a popular model because it pays homage to the classic aviator shape, while adding its own unique touches that make this style undeniably Cartier.

As you browse these trendy sunglasses for men, be sure to take a look at your options. Silver frames with black lenses is always a safe look, or you could opt for gold frames with green or brown lenses for a classic look that would pair perfectly with a brown leather flight jacket.

These sunglasses are an investment, but as long as you take care of them, they’re the last sunglasses you’ll ever need to buy. Once you own the best shades for men, you’ll never go back.

3. Oakley EVZero

It’s no secret that ‘80s style is back in a big way. These trendy sunglasses for men are a blast from the past, decked out in neon colors and over-the-top shapes. While these Oakley sunglasses have a bold aesthetic, they’re popular among extreme athletes for a reason. These are durable, high-performance shades that feature Oakley’s exclusive lens technology that boosts color and contrast so you can really hone in on the fine details.

4. Gucci Round Frames

Man standing in a wheat field wearing round trendy sunglasses for men.In the world of luxury men’s sunglasses, Gucci is king. This is a brand that defines luxury, transcending trends and subcultures and redefining fashion on a regular basis. Gucci’s round frames have become extremely popular when it comes to trendy sunglasses for men, and that’s not likely to change. Whether you’re grilling in the backyard or chilling on the street corner, there’s something about round frames that exude coolness.

5. Puma PU0131S 003

Puma sunglasses are always a safe bet when you’re looking for something more on the affordable side. While you really can’t go wrong with any of the brand’s offerings, the PU0131S 003 model has such a great vibe. Simultaneously retro and futuristic, the orange lenses on black frames with subtle tiger stripes on the side just pop. These are the perfect shades for a day at the beach.

6. Brooks Brothers 0BB5033S

Brooks Brothers is a brand that has earned a sterling reputation selling luxury goods for less. If you’re on the hunt for simple yet trendy sunglasses for men, these shades are a fantastic option. Brooks Brothers isn’t known for overly flashy designs, but what they do, they do very well. These sunglasses deliver the classic tortoiseshell look that works with virtually any outfit you can throw at them.

7. Brioni BR0003S 003

Brioni is an Italian luxury menswear brand that was founded in Rome in 1945. If you’re looking for something bold and innovative, yet still classic, the BR0003S 003 model is one of the best shades for men who don’t want to push the boundaries too much, but also want something a little outside the norm. These glasses’ main draw is the semi-oval shape with the connecting bridge. Timeless and elegant, these frames are familiar, yet exciting.

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