Posted by Watch Warehouse Experts on Jan 25, 2019

What to Wear: Men’s Watch Styles and How to Wear Them

The perfect men’s watch is the ultimate in stylish accessorizing, whether you are looking to portray a powerful image or adorn your wrist with a more functional timepiece that can take you from work to play. From pilot-style mechanical marvels to classic heirloom styles, there are so many types of watches for you to wear, depending on the occasion and your personal sense of style.

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Discover some of the most popular and sophisticated watch designs today, along with some helpful tips for how to effectively style each piece for maximum impact.

Chronograph Watches

If telling time with the utmost accuracy is a priority for you when it comes to your watch, consider a chronograph design that incorporates a technical stopwatch or timer into its interface. Many of the most well-respected and renowned luxury watch brands, from Rolex to Omega, have become known for their impeccably made chronograph styles. This is one of the types of watches that horologists are sure to have in their collections.

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While the functionality of a chronograph is certainly its defining characteristic, there are many ways to incorporate this style into your collection, no matter how you categorize your style. A more casual and sporty watch style like the  Luminox Navy Seal Chronograph is a terrific starter watch in this category. With durable carbonite and a luminescent display, this watch goes seamlessly with both sportswear and casual attire.

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For a dressier and more luxurious option, consider a design like the elegant  Tissot Classic TXL chronograph. The modern rectangular face of this stainless steel Tissot is ideal for the man who exudes power and style wherever he goes. The precision of this Swiss-made watch looks impeccable with a business suit. Thanks to the sapphire crystal encasing and 100-meter water resistance, these types of watches will take the wearer from work to the sea without skipping a beat.

Modern Designer Styles

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 If you’re looking for modern design and flashy style that will make your wardrobe pop, consider a designer-driven watch like those in the  Gucci Garden collection. With high-quality leather straps and images portrayed with bold colors and illustration, these watch styles are the perfect choice for the most fashion-forward gentlemen.

The uniqueness of designer watches makes these pieces a bold and exciting choice to have on-hand. These beautiful types of watches are ideal for men who lead dynamic and high-profile social lives, and want to show off their sense of style wherever they go. The kingsnake print on Gucci’s latest  Timeless collection is particularly enticing and colorful, wrapping around the strap as if it is truly in motion.

With sleek designs and unique details like insect-shaped seconds hands and bracelet style straps, designer watches are also ideal unisex selections and make perfect his and hers gifts for any occasion.

Military-Inspired Timepieces

longines heritage military

It’s always exciting to see the trends shift when it comes to watch styles, and currently, military-inspired designs are at the forefront of fashion. These watches are identifiable by their straightforward, simple, and sleek faces, along with a distinctly rugged feel. Make no mistake, the types of watches that can be defined as military are just as precise and elegant as many other luxury watches, but their toughness cannot be understated.

Longines offers Swiss-made watches that are crafted for performance and inspired by tradition. If you appreciate the way a perfect accessory can enhance the rugged appeal of your look, while still looking expensive and elegant, this trend is perfect for you. The  Longines Heritage Military watch with a black leather alligator strap is a lovely example of this commanding and dignified watch type.


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 A vintage-inspired watch does so much more than tell time. These pieces are timeless treasures that truly come with a story to tell. Often passed down for generations, vintage types of watches are incredibly thoughtful and personal watch styles that will steal the show, no matter what else you are wearing.

Vintage watches are also an investment. Make sure you select a style that has a history of top quality design and craftsmanship so that you can enjoy the watch for many years to come. Some of the world’s most famous luxury brands, like Montblanc, Panerai, and TAG Heuer, offer pricey, but pristine vintage designs.

Vintage watches pair best with classic men’s style. If you are a traditionalist who appreciates types of watches that offer their own personalities and unique outlooks, consider this style. Like with any luxury watch, it’s important to do your research about how to care for your vintage timepiece, to ensure that you will enjoy it for many years to come.

Casual, Youthful Watches

For the younger man who is active and appreciates a more contemporary aesthetic, consider a watch design that’s inspired by modern America. These watches are perfect for daytime adventures and more casual outings, while still offering the precision and technical excellence that the best watch styles are known for.

broadway day watch

Hamilton’s Broadway collection offers the types of watches that fit the young man’s style profile perfectly. Offered at a reasonable price, but still meeting the standards of luxury brands, you can find unique design elements like faded green leather straps amongst this collection.

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 A casual watch is the ideal companion for the guy who appreciates casual, yet neat apparel paired with a similarly-designed accessory. Make one of these watches your urban travel companion and increase your style in an instant.

For a sleeker color profile, opt for similar types of watches that distinctly offer casual vibes, but a bolder finish.  Mondaine offers New York-inspired timepieces that feature leather in an unexpected and eye-catching manner.

No matter what your watch style or your personal taste, Watch Warehouse has the perfect watch for you. With a variety of authentic, luxury watches,  Watch Warehouse guarantees that the type of watch you are looking for is there for you. Explore more styles and types of watches today!