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Longines watches

Longines Watches

Brilliantly design-driven and irresistibly classic, Longines watches have long been a symbol of luxury, performance, and prestige. Worn by international explorers and leaders of industry alike, Longines timepieces are as highly regarded today as they were at their inception 185 years ago. Whether you’re searching for an enduring statement piece to complement your own collection of fine watches, or the perfect gift for an upcoming special occasion, we invite you to peruse our entire selection of luxury watches to find the perfect piece.

An Unrivaled History of Excellence in Design

Established in Switzerland in 1832, Longines watches have been a dominant force in the Swiss watchmaking tradition for nearly two centuries. The Longines brand’s iconic logo - an upright hourglass bordered by two wings - is the oldest registered trademark in the industry. Over the years, this esteemed watch house has implemented a number of internationally renowned advancements, both in luxury timekeeping techniques and in aesthetic design. To this day, Longines continues to be recognized as a leader among fine watchmakers worldwide.

Driving Innovation with Timeless Appeal

For those seeking the perfect combination of expert Swiss timekeeping and historical value, our selection of Longines watches is the ideal place to begin. Choose from a range of distinctive styles, including dress watches, diver watches, chronograph designs, and much more. Our selection includes offerings for both men and women, and encompasses a number of motifs, from rugged and classic leather wristbands to diamond accented and multi-tone face displays.

The Very Best of Performance and Prestige

Our collection of Longines watches is specially curated to include a diverse range of offerings from the iconic brand. Explore much loved heritage collection designs, as well as classic luxury watches and more. In accordance with the high standards of quality and attention to detail for which Longines is known, each piece is designed for outstanding longevity. Whatever you choose, each piece exhibits the highest caliber of authentic craftsmanship and elegance in design.

Discover Your Ideal Piece

At Watch Warehouse, we’re thrilled to provide an unrivaled selection of the most sought after luxury watches for both men and women. We invite you to explore our entire collection, and to enjoy not only a remarkable array of fine Longines watches, but also the highest caliber of customer service and expertise. Each purchase comes with a signed certificate of authenticity, as well as a full independent warranty provided by Watch Warehouse.

Our status as a leading international retailer of luxury watches enables us to offer the most sought after pieces at an extraordinary value, with fast, reliable shipping both domestically and internationally. For assistance in finding the perfect piece, we encourage you to contact our expert staff at (213) 622-8200, or to reach us anytime by email via our online contact form.