Women's Longines Watches

Swiss-made since 1832, Longines women’s watches offer a long history of precision timekeeping and elegant design. Now, with over 150 years in the business, the brand enjoys renown throughout the world as one of the original and best Swiss watchmakers.

Longines Women’s Styles: A Worldwide Favorite for Equestrian Events

Since the invention of the single push-button watch, Longines has become a household name in homes and equestrian events around the world. From jockeys and riding schools to everyday fashion, Longines has been featured with its superb accuracy and exquisite timekeeping features.

Now, with the Longines women’s models in our discounted collection, you can enjoy the same accuracy and classic designs that equestrian professionals have valued for decades—along with the prestige of owning a beautiful, Swiss women’s luxury watch.

Iconic Watches that Offer a Celebration of Beauty

The Longines women’s watches models that are available for sale in our collection highlight the brand’s love of elegance with single- and two-tone stainless-steel bracelets and beautiful PVD gold accents. The iconic rectangular DolceVita watches and elegantly-simply Presence watches are especially popular among twenty-first-century women. Every Longines women’s model includes the signature winged hourglass and the words “Longines” and “Swiss made” on the dial.

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