Our Favorite 2022 Sunglasses & Eyewear Trends

Posted by Watch Warehouse Experts on Mar 29, 2022

Our Favorite 2022 Sunglasses & Eyewear Trends

Curious what 2022 sunglasses trends are in store for this season? We already have a taste of the looks today’s fashion trailblazers are wearing to set the stage for the rest of the year. Of course, 2022 eyewear trends depend largely on who you ask, as fashion trends tend to be as diverse as the trendsetters who set them. That said, we’ve put together a quick list of seven of our favorite looks so you can get some ideas next time you’re shopping for shades!

1. Thick Frames

Gucci sunglasses with thick frames

Gucci Black/Orange Lens 55-145MM Women’s Sunglasses GG0921S 003 ($235)

In 2022, “bigger is better” is clearly a mantra for anyone following fashion, and these Gucci sunglasses are a perfect example. If your goal is to stay current with 2022 sunglasses trends, you should have at least one pair of glasses with thick frames in your collection. This look isn’t for everyone, but for anyone who likes loud, no-holds-barred style, a pair of thick frames can really add that larger-than-life vibe to an outfit.

2. Oversized Frames & Lenses

Chloe sunglasses with oversized frames

Chloe Yellow/Orange Lens 59-18-145MM Women's Sunglasses CH0031SA 002 ($290.50)

Similar to the thick frames trend above, another one of the major 2022 eyewear trends to watch is oversized frames. We’re not talking slightly oversized here — go big or go home! These types of colossal shades exude luxury and opulence. Perfect for relaxing by the pool, oversized sunglasses give you an “always on vacation” vibe that works especially well if your outfit is on the flashy side. That said, when it comes to both thick and oversized 2022 sunglasses trends, the look can be surprisingly sophisticated when paired with elegant attire — just imagine these Chloe sunglasses paired with a black cocktail dress. Context is everything!

3. Nostalgic Sporty Wraparounds

Oakley wraparound sunglasses

Oakley Wire Tap 2.0 Satin Lead /Prizm Deep Water Men's Sunglasses OO4145-0660 ($174)

‘90s fashion has been trending for a while now, and that’s not likely to change anytime soon. However, these days, instead of flannel and ripped jeans, many fashion trends are turning towards the more nostalgic styles of the time, such as wide-leg jeans, chunky sneakers, tracksuits, and wraparound shades. Of course, plenty of people never stopped rocking this look, as they’re quite functional for people who spend a lot of time outdoors and/or playing sports. These wraparound Oakley sunglasses are a great example of 2022 sunglasses trends that revisit yesterday’s trends

4. Pastel Colors

Ray-Ban pastel sunglasses

Ray-Ban Grey Gradient Blue Frame Nylon 55mm Sunglasses RB4208 6103/8G ($84.75)

Pastels are poppin’ in 2022! If you’re paying attention to 2022 eyewear trends, it’s impossible to overlook pastel shades, ideally with thick, oversized frames. Delicate hues like mint, tangerine, lavender, and pink offer a winning combination of glamorous and laid-back, and they’re surprisingly versatile. Sure, they stand out more than your typical black or tortoiseshell shades, but they’re still subtle enough to be paired successfully with virtually any outfit. These Ray-Ban sunglasses are a fantastic choice, offering a gorgeous pastel periwinkle hue, as well as thick, oversized frames.

5. Bold Shapes

Heart-shaped Saint Laurent sunglasses

Saint Laurent Yellow/Green Heart Lens 54-145MM Women's Sunglasses SL 181 LOULOU 017 ($344)

Sunglasses are fun, and 2022 sunglasses trends are taking that simple concept to the next level! While the right pair of understated shades can really pull a look together, some proudly loud sunglasses can rock the main stage as the focal point of an outfit. For example, these Saint Laurent sunglasses boast a beautiful heart shape that’s perfectly complemented by shimmering gold frames and multi-toned teal lenses. Saint Laurent also makes some awesome heart-shaped eyeglasses that could become your new signature look this year!

6. Gold

Gold Gucci sunglasses

Gucci Gold/Brown Lens 60-15-145MM Men’s Sunglasses GG0941S 003 ($273)

Gold is always in style, but one of the 2022 eyewear trends to watch is more subtle, refined takes on it. These Gucci sunglasses are a great example of 2022 sunglasses trends. They lean more on the classy side than the flashy side, but they still have that gold pop that just feels so luxurious. Combined with the brown and tan lenses and details, these shades have an ultra-cool ‘70s kind of vibe that would look absolutely incredible paired with a vintage cream-colored outfit.

7. Rimless

Cartier rimless sunglasses

Cartier Gold/White Temples Buffalo Horn Unisex Sunglasses CT0030RS-001 ($3,035)

Big, thick frames are trending, but don’t forget about the opposite end of the spectrum: rimless glasses! There’s just something about rimless glasses that look so sleek and upscale. The silhouette is bold and lavish, yet still muted enough to wear anywhere. As an added bonus, your field of vision is fantastic since there are no frames to block your view. These rimless Cartier sunglasses are a solid choice for anyone following 2022 sunglasses trends, and they also have that low-key gold and brown aesthetic mentioned above, beautifully complemented by the buffalo horn temple material. 

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