Our Favorite Spring-Inspired Flower Jewelry

Posted by Watch Warehouse Experts on Feb 25, 2022

Our Favorite Spring-Inspired Flower Jewelry

As winter fades and springtime flourishes, there’s no better time to add some flower jewelry to your collection! After all, the season is all about new beginnings, so why not freshen up your style with some gorgeous spring jewelry to celebrate? We’ve curated some of our favorite spring-inspired pieces to make your shopping experience easy-breezy, but be sure to explore all of our products to find something special for yourself or a loved one.

1. Gucci Flora Collection

Gucci floral collection 18k rose gold ruby necklace

Gucci Flora Collection 18k Rose Gold Ruby Necklace ($2,080)

From the fragrances to the jewelry, Gucci’s Flora collection exudes springy vibes. After all, nothing says spring quite like botanicals and butterflies! The Flora necklace boasts a variety of playful charms, including blossoms, hearts, and butterflies, while the Flora bracelet keeps it simple with a single butterfly charm. Both feature elegant 18kt rose gold — a very fitting choice for the Flora flower jewelry collection! We also have a Gucci Flora watch available.

2. Swarovski Crystal Frost Flower Watch

Swarovski crystal frost flower dial rose gold pink leather watch

Swarovski Crystal Frost Flower Dial Rose Gold Pink Leather Watch ($150)

As you shop for spring-inspired pieces, be sure to consider this Swarovski Crystal Frost Flower watch. This feminine timepiece is Swiss-made, and it’s adorned in breathtaking Swarovski crystals that dazzle the eye and awaken the imagination. The lovely flower designs combined with the delicate pink hue make this watch a springtime favorite. Even the iconic Swarovski swan logo feels like spring!

3. Gucci Icon Blooms Collection

Gucci icon blooms 18k yellow gold women’s bracelet

Gucci Icon Blooms 18k Yellow Gold Women’s Bracelet ($2,120)

Gucci’s Icon Blooms jewelry collection features beautiful white enamel flower engravings alongside the iconic GG Gucci logo — flower jewelry at its most luxurious! The rose gold ring, yellow gold bracelet, white gold necklace, and yellow gold necklace would all delight anyone seeking spring jewelry, but all of them would work wonderfully all year round. These radiant pieces are an ideal choice for anyone who appreciates a unique juxtaposition of elegance and opulence. From the same collection, we also have a white gold ear cuff and gold ear cuff.

4. Citizen Lobella Crystal Flower Link Bracelet Watch

Citizen lobella crystal flower link bracelet watch

Citizen Lobella Crystal Flower Link Women’s Bracelet Watch ($365)

While they’re technically watches, few would argue that these Citizen Lobella timepieces double as fine jewelry! A breathtaking combination of functional and fashionable, these flower jewelry watches boast a magnificent crystal flower array that really needs to be seen up close to be truly appreciated — it’s visually stunning! We’re thrilled to offer the Citizen Lobella in yellow gold, as well as silver with blue crystals and silver with purple crystals.

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A hand holding a white and pink blossom

Variety is the spice of life! While these springtime pieces are perfect for kicking off the season right, we also have plenty of other fine jewelry options for any occasion. If you have any questions about any of our products, or for personalized spring jewelry recommendations from our in-house experts, please feel free to contact us anytime. Treat yourself or a loved one to the finest flower jewelry this spring!