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With a Tag Heuer watch from Watch Warehouse, you’ll have a timepiece from one of the most preeminent and advanced watchmakers in history. Swiss manufacturer Tag Heuer, founded in 1860, has been creating luxurious, high-quality fashion accessories and timepieces for over 150 years. The pioneering company has made historic contributions to the watchmaking industry, and continues with ground-breaking innovations to this day. Our collection of Tag Heuer watches for sale is extensive - you’re sure to find the perfect watch.

Advancements in Timekeeping

In 1916, Heuer crafted the Mikrograph, which was the first stopwatch accurate to 1/100 of a second. The Mikrograph was shortly followed by another stopwatch, the Semikrograph, able to pinpoint speed to accuracy within 1/50 of a second. The Semikrograph also featured a revolutionary split-second function, which provided users with the ability to determine the precise interval between two competitors. The company’s advancements in speed measurement made Tag Heuer the timekeeper of choice for racing events early in the twentieth century.

Throughout the years, Tag Heuer continued to establish itself as a premier racing watchmaker with its amazing developments. Heuer’s highly-engineered Auto-Graph, created in 1953, featured a tachymeter scale on its dial. The scale was accompanied by a hand that could be preset to a specific point, which allowed rally drivers to determine the pace of their cars over a measured mile.

Tag Heuer’s state of the art inventions led to its timepieces being worn by many racers and their crews. Heuer produced special chronographs with logos of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, as well as various racing teams and sponsors. Heuer also created timing devices for several ski and motor racing events, most notably including Formula One. The Formula One collection features six attributes Tag Heuer deemed as necessary for a high performance sports watch, including: a unidirectional turning bezel, an easy to grip screw-in crown, radiant hands, an extendable steel bracelet and double safety clasp.

Continuing Achievement

After the greater part of two centuries, Tag Heuer remains one of the most innovative watchmakers, beloved by racers and spectators alike. The Tag Heuer Carrera, which was first introduced in 1963, is another line inspired by the company’s close ties to the racing world. The Carrera debuted as the first chronograph specifically developed to be used by automotive racers, and continues to be the preferred timekeeping mechanism for many within the sport. The Carrera line offers three-hand watches, as well as a variety of chronograph options featuring some of the most reliable calibre movements on the market.


Tag Heuer’s Aquaracer line expands upon the company’s accomplishments within the racing world, and adds timekeeping technology within the realm of aquatic sport to its list of many achievements. Heuer’s Aquaracer watches are capable of maintaining full function at mind-blowing depths exceeding 100 meters underwater. The case of the Aquaracer is pressure-resistant and offers the chronograph complete protection during high-action ocean and diving adventures. The advanced Aquaracer collection also offers luminescent hands and key features that allow wearers to continue activities during night time and darkness. Buy a prized Tag Heuer watch for sale from Watch Warehouse and experience some of the world’s most masterful timekeeping technology.

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Find an exceptional Tag Heuer watch for sale at Watch Warehouse. Every Tag Heuer watch for sale on our site is brand-new and authentic with box and manual. Our watches also come with warranties to ensure satisfaction.